The Team

Gudmundur Kristjansson

Founder & CEO 

Anush Vasudevan 

Head of Engineering

Justin Bercich 

Principal Data Scientist

Theresa Raab

Principal Data Scientist

Darri Freyr Atlason

Head of Business Development

Gunnar Sigurbjörnsson

Principal Engineer

Atli Örn Guðmundsson

Application Developer

Grétar Rafn Árnason  

Principal Engineer

Alexander O’Donovan-Jones

Principal DevOps

Ingiber Ólafsson

Application Developer

Arnór Ólafsson 

Application Developer

Yaron Morgenstern

Advisor to the CEO

Helga Valfells 

Chairman of the Board

Lárus Hjartarson 

Principal DevOps

Karítas Ólafsdóttir 

QA Specialist

Herdís Arnaldsdóttir 

Product Manager

Jóhann Haraldsson 

Head of Operations and Security

We are always looking for new superheroes to help us fight financial crime by using the power of augmented intelligence. If you live in New York or Reykjavík or you would love to, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

About Lucinity


Our mission

Our mission is to revolutionize customer's capabilities in their fight against money laundering. Through Human AI, Lucinity empowers clients to improve detection of suspicious behavior patterns and significantly increase review efficiency. 

Our name

Our name is our promise. 'Lucid', meaning clear and the prefix 'luc-' meaning light. Lucid symbolizes our quest for shedding light on financial crime and enabling our customer to achieve clarity through our products. 'Infinity' (symbol: ∞), meaning a concept describing something without any bound. Infinity symbolizes our quest for continuous improvement of our solutions on behalf of our customers. 

About us

The Lucinity team is packed with competence and experience. The Lucinity team members boost extensive successes in Compliance, AML, Finance and Technology domains, having worked in senior positions at Citigroup, UK FCA, NICE Systems and Oracle Corporation to name a few. With an accumulated work experience of such prowess, the Lucinity team is well balanced to help firms fighting money laundering globally.

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