Ed Wilson joins Lucinity‘s advisory board

We are delighted to welcome Ed Wilson aboard Lucinity’s advisory council. Ed has built a unique perspective on financial crime-fighting issues through decades of experience in the public and private sectors. He is an invaluable addition to the Lucinity family and strengthens our foundations as the enterprise-ready AML startup. We aspire to bring new and exciting approaches to the AML market while sympathizing with our customers’ struggles and understanding their situation. Ed helps us to do just that.

As a former senior attorney and official at the White House and Treasury for eight years, Ed served a crucial role in establishing the US’s regulatory framework for combatting financial crime. He has been active within multiple organizations and areas across the broader regulatory spectrum, including OFAC, AML/BSA/CTF, FinCEN, FATF, OECD, UN Convention, KYC matters, and more. This experience, compounded by serving in important government positions within the Executive Office of the US President and The White House Office, to name a few, gives Ed a profound insight into administration and regulation.

“I’ve been involved in the domestic and international transfer of money and value my entire career, and I am excited by every interaction I have with the Lucinity team. Lucinity is deploying new, highly effective, technologies that accelerate and improve the early detection, mapping, and prevention of money laundering. These technologies not just enhance AML compliance, but also release human capital for better, more creative uses, reduce compliance-dedicated capital and aid law enforcement. I look forward to working with the Lucinity team in my advisory role as the company injects new energy and capabilities into the compliance world.”

Ed Wilson Partner at Venable LLP

Gudmundur Kristjansson, Lucinity’s CEO and Founder commented:

“Ed has already added tremendous value to Lucinity with incredible insight into the regulatory landscape and the trends that will shape the financial regulation industry. His influential voice allows us to engage in an even more in-depth conversation with our customers and identify creative ways to solve today’s problems with tomorrow’s technology.”

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