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Our founder & CEO GK co-hosted a webinar with Tanya Ziv, the Chief Compliance Officer of Currencycloud. The panel was moderated by the brilliant Sam Sheen, a veteran in the compliance space. In the panel, GK and Tanya discussed the future of AML – How Customer Intelligence sits at the center of risk-based AML procedures.

The main topic centered around innovative ways to create a holistic view of customers based on insights derived from data sources such as KYC, transaction monitoring, and screening.

Key Takeaways from the webinar include: 

  • Unique perspectives on building a progressive compliance department.
  • The importance of complementing data from customers’ behavior with static and self-reported KYC.
  • Having a holistic overview of customers improves customer experience and enhances due diligence flows.
  • Translating complex AI findings into actionable information in a visual way.
  • Importance of understanding actual behavior of customers and how they differ from what is expected and how they compare to similar peers.

Watch the webinar below for a super interesting conversation on risk-based AML.

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Hildur Gunnarsdóttir

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