Lucinity on RegTech Global TV

GK, the CEO Of Lucinity, discusses Human AI, Outdated AML, and Crypto’s Impact on Money Laundering in a RegTech Global interview.

RegTech Global is the news website covering technology, artificial intelligence with a specific focus on Telecommunications, Fintech, Biotech, and regulations.

The interview centers around new AML risks associated with Crypto – as regulation becomes tighter in one place, financial criminals change their focus to something else, such as Crypto. GK argues that old systems tend to interpret the world as it was in 2003 and therefore do not understand digital wallets. Financial institutions need a new kind of software and research that understands digital behavior to help Make Money Good.

“Crypto is a fantastic thing that will help us move forward, and we just need this maturity step and adoption by the technology space, compliance space, by the cryptos, as well as the Neos into realizing why we all need to help to Make Money Good.”

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