Partnership with Neo4j

It is with great excitement that we announce our strategic partnership with Neo4j and their Aura enterprise team, bringing together SaaS experience to investigative graphs and knowledge graphs.

At Lucinity, we have always believed that holding data in graphs is the future. Our Human AI methodology brings together the unique creativity of human intuition with the computational power of machines. We have encoded all of our research into a Knowledge Graph that holds the connections between our regulatory research e.g. regulations, behaviors, and what we find in our client’s data, providing greater explainability, traceability, and speed to our investigators.

The partnership with Neo4j empowers Lucinity to further build on the insights that pulled forward in the system, strengthening the value proposition of detecting deeper and more complex criminal networks, while also reducing false positives and improving the efficiency of investigation workflows.

We look forward to delivering cutting-edge innovation to our customers, rooted in this partnership over the next few months.

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Guðmundur Kristjánsson

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