Trust in the machine: the exponential rise of Human AI in banking

Justin Bercich, Head of AI at Lucinity discusses Lucnity’s pioneering role in building trust between Humans and Machines in a recent article with the International Banker.

Justin covers a variety of topics, including how Lucinity has harnessed explainable AI to further our ability to understand and act on machine learning outputs.

“But now, the way technology has evolved and the way we present these algorithms and models have become infinitely more personal. We can tangibly connect with and relate to machine-learning outputs. As soon as you start seeing parallels between the way a machine acts and your own personal behavior, you begin to treat the technology as a peer you trust, and you’ll derive so much more value from it than before.”

You can find the full article by pressing the link below.

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Guðmundur Kristjánsson

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