The Power of Human & Artificial Intelligence


Human + Machine = Human AI

Money Laundering is one of the most notorious crimes of our time and only a small portion of it gets uncovered. Lucinity solves this problem by combining the two most genius forces in the world – the human brain and artificial intelligence. We call that Human AI. 

Why Human AI?

Human AI is the fusion of human and artificial intelligence to create a symbiotic knowledge-sharing relationship, where both humans and machines are empowered to extend the breadth and depth of their cognitive capabilities. At Lucinity we believe that each human brings unique skills and characteristics to the table and we celebrate these! Our progressive technology permits humans to access the power of Artificial Intelligence while still being in control and adding to the machine’s intelligence with our own. Human AI is an alternative conceptualization of  Artificial Intelligence  that  focuses on  AI's assistive role in advancing human capabilities as a data-driven, sense-making, insight-extracting and continuously learning system. 

ClearLens - The platform built for
Augmented Intelligence


Mature library of behaviours

ClearLens utilizes a proprietary dynamic behavioral ontology paired with our knowledge graph to contextualize potential money laundering activity. 


Advanced detection

ClearLens observers utilize a portfolio of behavioral analytics, network analysis, anomaly detection and deep learning algorithms. We believe that pairing a behavioral and data-driven approach is critical in detecting money laundering.


Extends Human Cognition

ClearLens assistants show relevant information at the right time, making contextually important recommendations, visualizing the concern and capturing micro-feedback. 


Continuous improvement

ClearLens, like humans, dynamically adapts to changes in the environment. Every interaction with the system, every data point, encourages the model to optimize the detection of behaviors and to recognize new and emerging behavioral patterns.  


Comprehensive audit

ClearLens is designed with transparency in mind, that is why all processes along the Observer, Trainer, Advisor and Assistant lifecycle are auditable and reportable.  


Protect the firms data  

ClearLens security architecture institutes rigorous data-security policies, controls, and infrastructure to ensure data integrity, confidentiality and availability. 


Cloud or on-premise deployments

At Lucinity, we give you the choice between cloud or on-premise or a combination of both – we have a solution that works for you.


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