Supercharge your case productivity

For too long, compliance professionals dealt with outdated case management systems that don’t compare to modern digital technology and design. You deserve to work in a beautiful, efficient, and effective interface designed around your specific needs.

  • Experience the power of storytelling in AML through cases focusing on customers and their behavior
  • Optimize your teams’ effort with a configurable workboard designed for collaboration and efficient workflows
  • Understand all the relevant case information through visualizations tailored to each context

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Benefits at a glance

Customer-based review

All suspicious activity organized into a single case around your customer.

Focusing on people allows us to improve coverage and speed in AML. We help you understand your customers and their associated risks in the most efficient way possible. Customer-based review removes repetitive cases and ensures that all relevant information is in its correct place.

We are adding new and exciting features to the case manager every week to make your life easier.

  • Automatically generated case summaries.
  • Contextual transaction visualization​ capabilities.
  • Smart case routing.
  • Review feedback embedded into system.
  • Configurable case creation and grouping logic.
  • Everything is audited within the system.

Configurable workboards

Intelligently manage your teams and their work.

Collaborate easily with team members by having an intuitive overview of all the suspicious cases that require attention. 

  • Take bulk actions on multiple cases.
  • Filter by every relevant possibility.
  • Manage and configure your compliance workflows.
  • Define and manage different levels of review and investigation.
  • And so much more...

Leading user experience

Become super productive with a smile on your face.

AML software doesn’t have to be ugly or inefficient. We take pride in designing systems that are enjoyable to use and turn every user into a financial crimefighting superhero.

  • Transform your teams’ productivity with all the information presented in a logical and contextual order.
  • Familiarize yourself with the customer before diving into the alerted behavior.
  • Access everything with one click to maximize your efficiency.
  • Make confident decisions knowing that you have reviewed all the important information.

Continuous learning with Human AI

Finally, an AML system that automatically improves over time.

Continuous learning is central to our Human AI. We foster collaboration between man and machine, increasing the capabilities of both over time.

Our system learns from every interaction and constantly optimizes the way cases are presented for review within your organization.

Security and compliance is in our DNA

We come from top-tier banks and international regulators, so we take our tech very seriously.

Security is at the heart of the culture at Lucinity, and this is reflected in the hiring process, employee onboarding, training, and company events.

  • Lucinity’s customers are always the owners of their data. At any time, customers can request a report on data processing or request their full data set to be delivered to them.
  • With the Secure Lockbox, we remove and encrypt all personally identifiable information from your customers. Thus you can rest assured your data is secure within the Lucinity cloud.
  • Lucinity’s system for storing, decrypting, and transmitting PII runs in the Lucinity Secure Lockbox hosted on an isolated infrastructure and doesn’t share any credentials with Lucinity’s primary services.
  • Our customers have varying regulatory compliance needs depending on region, size, and financial activities. We are ISO 27001 certified and SOC 2 compliant.