Supercharge your Financial Crime Teams

Improve productivity and reduce alert fatigue in your compliance risk monitoring processes.

Make Money Good with the Lucinity Platform

Transaction Monitoring

Reap the benefits of Human AI in transaction monitoring with better detection, faster review, and super-efficient SAR management.

Actor Intelligence

Gain a holistic view of your customers based on comprehensive data analysis. Understand their risk and enhance your compliance programs.

SAR Manager

Streamline your reporting process with the Lucinity SAR Manager. File straight from a case to regulators around the world and manage all your SARs in one place.

Want to play around in our platform?

Experience our product firsthand with realistic data

We encourage you to play around with the product to find the aspects you like, and we’ll configure the product to support you on your individual journey.

Human AI means playing to our respective strengths—man and machine—to achieve a greater whole. Lucinity’s passion is for simple-to-use systems that work with humans, not against them. At Lucinity, we believe in complementing AML analysts’ skills and making them superheroes so they can take on financial crime, saving our customers time and money in the process.

Humans are good at

ContextualizingInterpretingCreatively combining numbersPlanning & execution

AI is good at

Assessing probabilitiesCrunching numbersAnalyzing big data patternsMemorizing a large amount of data

Money laundering is the crime that fuels crime. The societal implications are vast, and we are extremely proud to be a part of the movement working to Make Money Good.

Our role within that movement centers around supporting you in the fight against financial crime. We strive to provide you with the best technology to do your job more efficiently and more effectively—in a human-first way.

Our AI learns from every human interaction without sharing data between our customers continuously improving the platform every single second.

Let’s Make Money Good.

New white paper: Humans ❤️ Intelligence

Empower your financial crime prevention team through augmented intelligence

Defining best practices for Human AI setups that increase reporting accuracy and reduce compliance burnout

Testimonials from our beloved customers

Tanya Ziv, CCO at Currencycloud

Lucinity has built a brilliant solution that is supporting us as leaders in compliance. Lucinity is helping us on our journey towards basing intelligence on customer behaviors.

Collaborative by design

  • Lucinity’s interface makes onboarding new team members or business partners to the system a joy.
  • Increase productivity through Lucinity’s integration with Microsoft Teams, Slack, and other business tools.

Some of our partners in Making Money Good

SG Veteris
EY Netherlands
The Fintech Cluster
Copenhagen Fintech
Helsinki Fintech Farm

Key Investors

Karma Ventures
Preceptor Capital