Make Money Good with Human AI

Best of human and artificial intelligence.

We believe that the magic happens at the intersection of man and machine. Too many companies are trying to solve money laundering with AI for AI’s sake.

At Lucinity, we use Human AI to explain AI findings so that every compliance professional can take on financial crime with the help of technology. We evolve our models with your input—and your program gets better every day.

Human or machine, why not the best of both?

Lucinity’s Transaction Monitoring

Experience the magic created by Human AI in the Lucinity platform. We strive to provide you with the best technology to do your job more efficiently and more effectively—in a human-first way.


Achieve complete and risk-based coverage against financial crime.

Solely relying on static rules belongs in the past—ensure risk-based coverage with behaviors to strengthen your defense against money laundering.


Seamlessly manage and file Suspicious Activity Reports.

Automate SAR management and filing to get back countless hours previously spent on SARs.

Great separately - magic together

Lucinity’s platform is completely modular and can be tailored to your specific needs.

We encourage you to play around with the product to find the aspects you like, and we’ll configure the product to support you on your individual journey.