Continuous risk rating with Actor Intelligence

You don’t need to rely solely on static and self-reported KYC to determine your customers’ compliance risk. With Actor Intelligence, you can sleep easy knowing that your customer risk scores are automatically and continuously updated—based on their actual behavior.

Understand your customers’ risk through a continuously updated and explained risk score.

Enhance your AML program’s effectiveness by plugging customer behavior analysis into investigations and review.

Unite AML and risk departments and break down silos.

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Benefits at a glance

Continuous risk rating

The basis for risk-based compliance.

Understand your customers’ compliance risk broken down into nine separate risk parameters, providing a holistic overview. The dimensions complement traditional and regulatory factors such as KYC risk with behavioral dimensions based on transaction data, allowing for a more accurate and data-driven risk score.

  • Holistic customer risk assessment.
  • Every factor scored with its own data science approach.
  • Risk score tracked over time.
  • 9-dimensional risk assessment covering risk relating to KYC, divergence, transaction behavior, reputation, products, and more.

Customer insights

Really know your customers by understanding risk and transaction patterns.

  • Summary of key facts related to the customer.
  • Overview of the customers’ underlying risks and transaction behavior patterns.
  • Network analysis calculating who your customer is transacting with.
  • Comparison of your customers’ behavior to the expected patterns through peer-group and profile analysis.

Streamlined compliance

Make your life easier across the entire compliance funnel.

Use the intelligence created around your customers to create more efficient and more effective compliance workflows.

Our customers have for example:
  • Leveraged more accurate risk-score to eliminate unnecessary due- diligence checks, reducing costs substantially.
  • Built customer intelligence into their AML case workflows to ensure the quality of reviews and investigations.
  • Added continuous and up-to-date information to their KYC processes.

Look beyond compliance with Actor Intelligence

Discover the hidden potential in your compliance data.

Turn compliance into a value-adding function by identifying capabilities outside traditional compliance.

Our customers are currently using insights from Actor Intelligence in various value-adding functions. Whether it’s adding compliance risk to pricing models, utilizing peer-groups for marketing, or something entirely different, we love to explore the hidden potential of data with our customers.

Security and compliance is in our DNA

We come from top-tier banks and international regulators, so we take our tech very seriously.

Security is at the heart of the culture at Lucinity, and this is reflected in the hiring process, employee onboarding, training, and company events.

  • Lucinity’s customers are always the owners of their data. At any time, customers can request a report on data processing or request their full data set to be delivered to them.
  • With the Secure Lockbox, we remove and encrypt all personally identifiable information from your customers. Thus you can rest assured your data is secure within the Lucinity cloud.
  • Lucinity’s system for storing, decrypting, and transmitting PII runs in the Lucinity Secure Lockbox hosted on an isolated infrastructure and doesn’t share any credentials with Lucinity’s primary services.
  • Our customers have varying regulatory compliance needs depending on region, size, and financial activities. We are ISO 27001 certified.