Riding the wave of AI innovation: Lucinity on VentureBeat

VentureBeat lists Lucinity among 10 notable companies making strides in AI innovation, and "demonstrating upward growth trajectories in a fast-paced market."

At Lucinity, we use Human AI to explain AI findings so that every compliance professional can take on financial crime with the help of technology. We evolve our models with every new client and our programs get better every day. We work with clients to future-proof their business.

Gudmundur Kristjansson (GK) -- Lucinity founder & CEO

Recognizing Lucinity's unique approach to AI, and the benefit of applying technology thoughtfully and in service of humanity, underlines the power of our mission to Make Money Good. Anti-money laundering is a significant problem with wide societal implications, a "crime that fuels crime." Lucinity uses the power of AI, in collaboration with the ingenuity and expertise of compliance professionals, to leap ahead the curve.

Read the VentureBeat article here and experience the difference Lucinity makes in compliance workflows with our Play Now environment.

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