Seamless management of SARs

Streamline your suspicious activity reporting with everything in one place.

Manage your SARs

Lucinity’s SAR Manager helps you easily organize, review, validate, and file SARs. Configure the tool so it’s tailored to your specific process.

Full control

Lucinity adheres to the four-eyes principle offering maker-checker functionality, role configurations, and access permissions.

The process of filing SARs is error-prone and tedious, involving manual data entry, XML manipulation, and manual submission. Reduce the time spent submitting a report from 4 hours down to 1 hour with Lucinity’s SAR Manager.

Chief Compliance Officer, Fortune 500 Bank

Lucinity SAR Manager

Cover and customize each step of the process with full control.

Organize for productivity using workboards that provide an overview of all cases requiring attention.

Efficiently review crucial information relating to the case before making a filing decision.

Validate all the data fields required by regulators and minimize time spent on failed submissions due to validation errors.

Enable straight-through regulatory filings in available jurisdictions such as FinCEN, The NCA and multiple others via GoAML. Or simply download the SAR in XML for manual filling.

Be in control of your data with access control

Access restrictions and user roles can be easily enabled and re-arranged, providing full control.

  • Grant access to sensitive data only to certain users.
  • Hide all personally identifiable information.

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